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Split Seas II

Split Seas II is a relaxing, cooperative puzzle game for two players. Join another submarine explorer as you both make your way through ancient underwater ruins and solve puzzles to release the energy inside.

This game is currently under development but you can play the demo right now! Feedback is welcome and we're excited to show you more when we can!

Looking for more Split Seas? You can play the first game in your browser right here!


Luke Lin, Designer

Jordan Grayson, Designer

Joseph Gordeski, Composer

Special thanks to Arjun Jaishankar


SplitSeasII_Demo_Mac.zip 57 MB
SplitSeasII_Demo_Windows.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

This is a demo of Split Seas II that includes the tutorial and first main puzzle of the game! If you would like to play the demo please add it to your steam library to connect with a friend to play cooperatively. This game requires 2 players to play.

Steam Connection Step by Step Instructions:

-Download and unzip the files we sent
-Navigate to your steam library and press the ‘add non-steam game’ button using the + in the bottom left.
-Add the person you’re playing with on steam
-Have both players launch the game through steam. It should show both people are playing Space War.
-Have one player hit the in-game host button in the center of the initial screen.
-Have the other player hit the shift and tab keys to open the steam overlay.
-In the steam overlay navigate to the friends list and right click on the player who is hosting. Hit the join game button.

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